Tracy Morse

Tracy Morse



Being an effective communicator is essential in all industries, but that only goes so far unless you start with a foundation of trust among your constituents. Tracy has built her career on providing the highest quality public outreach, media relations, marketing, event planning and presentation services, all with a profound understanding of how to identify and connect with target audiences so that our clients’ messages are understood, accepted and embraced. Her passion for innovation in the fields of public involvement and planning were the driving forces with which she built Images, Inc. and how she was able to attract a diverse staff who complement her qualities as a leader.

Under Tracy’s leadership, the Images team has developed creative ways to communicate high-level, technical information to audiences in a language, tone and style that effectively bridges the gap between government agencies, corporations, the media and the general public. She and her staff of communicators, project managers, and planners, decipher technical information and make it accessible to help government agencies and corporate clients move complex projects and issues from conception to completion. High-Speed Rail, inter-modal connections, and multi-modal transportation are just a few examples of the major projects implemented with the help of Images’ expertise in the lengthy – yet necessary – public involvement process.


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