Tell Your Story Through Video

One of the most effective ways to promote a brand or raise awareness of an issue is through video. It can catch your attention more quickly than the written word and engage a wider audience through captivating images and music.  A great way to broadcast yourself, your brand or your issue is to create a YouTube Channel. But, before you begin, ask yourself some questions.


1. Why start a YouTube channel?

Start a channel if you have good quality videos and you have a story to tell.  Don’t do it for fame or shock value.

2. What is the subject matter?

Decide the subject matter, style and voice.  It all speaks to your brand and should be consistent with your other promotional materials.

3. Is this for you or for them?

Don’t post videos just because you think others will find them interesting.  Post videos on your channel if you find them interesting and only if it’s consistent with your brand.

4. Who are you targeting?

Understand if the audience you are targeting will actually see your videos.  Consider demographics and how they will react to seeing your story on video.

5. Is there an existing channel that is similar to yours?

If so, learn from them.  If not, strive to be a leader in your subject matter!

10. How will you measure success?

Just like any other media outreach, set goals and understand how you will measure your success. Understand how to drive traffic to your channel and obtain subscribers.

Video is a relatively new frontier in mix of marketing tactics available to individuals and corporations.  It’s an exciting new tool that, when used strategically, can have a significant impact on your success.

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