Philanthropic Work and Teambuilding

sos_web_header_073113The staff at Images works hard on all of our projects.  From the several-year, complex projects, to the one-off brochure, video or presentation, our staff treats each one with equal importance.  It’s all relative — what may seem like a small project can be a very important project to members of a community.  Everything gets equal treatment, which is one of Images’ core values.

It’s especially important to work with local nonprofits and charities.  It’s a wonderful way to build relationships with colleagues, showcase  your creativity and expertise in a new way, and a fun way to bring team members together to work on a project for the greater good.

Images, Inc. partners with SOS Children’s Villages Illinois on their annual fundraising event, among other activities throughout the year.  SOS provides a viable alternative to tradition foster care.  Children who come to live at SOS stay with their biological brothers and sisters in a private home.  A full-time, professionally trained foster parent lives with them, and the whole Village gives them support, compassion and strength.

Their annual event is a celebration of the organization’s work, the children that live there and a warm, welcoming thank you to all of the supporters who volunteer their time and give their financial support to SOS.  Images works with SOS on branding the event, developing a promotional campaign as well as event planning and details.  The entire Images team has a hand in the creativity and it all culminates with attending the event together, to celebrate our work and the work of hundreds of volunteers and supporters. We can’t think of a better teambuilding experience!

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