Cathy Valente

Cathy Valente


Director of Operations

With more than 30 years of experience in transportation, government relations, and public involvement, Cathy doesn’t just manage projects, she leads them.  For 20 years, she served as the direct liaison to the Deputy Director of Highways at IDOT, monitoring programs to ensure that commitments and deadlines were met, while consulting in sensitive matters with the Secretary of Transportation, Director of Highways, federal and state legislators, state agencies, and various contractors.

Cathy was instrumental in implementing region-wide public involvement, seeking early input of IDOT’s Multi-Year Road Program and coordinating press events for the governor and the secretary of transportation. She directed the Office of Communication’s outreach efforts on major Region One construction projects, reviewing construction press releases for accuracy and clarity. Cathy planned and implemented process improvements as a task force member of the department’s Strategic Planning Initiative. She also served as co-chair on the Mississippi Valley Committee (MVC) the Midwest Region of the American Association of Highway and Transportation Officials for five years.

Her extensive experience with IDOT and local public officials offers valuable insight for the Context Sensitive Solutions process as well as all of the required public involvement activities.


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