Images, Inc. takes home the Gold!


Each year, the Publicity Club of Chicago presents the Golden Trumpet Awards, which distinguishes companies throughout the Midwest for their planning, creativity and execution of public relations and communications initiatives. This year, Images, Inc. entered the contest for the first time with our design, planning and production of Evening of Hope, the annual fundraising Gala […]

Team Approach


Our team approach helps streamline the planning and implementation process, which saves time and money for corporations, government agencies and taxpayers.

Planning Ahead

On the Autobahn

Images identifies bumps in the road before they become sinkholes and we help smooth the pavement for quicker success, without sacrificing quality.

Circle Interchange


If you’ve been to Chicago, you know the Circle Interchange, which connects the Kennedy, Dan Ryan and Eisenhower Expressways, as well as the Congress Parkway, all in the heart of Downtown Chicago.

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