Images, Inc. takes home the Gold!

IMG_6457Each year, the Publicity Club of Chicago presents the Golden Trumpet Awards, which distinguishes companies throughout the Midwest for their planning, creativity and execution of public relations and communications initiatives.

This year, Images, Inc. entered the contest for the first time with our design, planning and production of Evening of Hope, the annual fundraising Gala for SOS Children’s Villages Illinois. On Thursday, June 4, 2015, we attended the awards ceremony with hundreds of our peers in the industry to find that we won the Golden Trumpet Award, a top honor, in the Special Events and Observances Category.

We were honored to provide our creativity and services to SOS Children’s Villages for this annual event, and thrilled to be recognized as a leader in the industry for such a fulfilling project! We are currently in the throes of planning this year’s Evening of Hope as well as seeing everyone at next year’s Golden Trumpet Awards ceremony!

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Nonprofit Partnerships: Meaningful Work Reaps Rewards

Hundreds of people gathered at Chicago’s Venue One amid black and white images of Hollywood’s Golden Era. Film clips and slide shows featured familiar faces of the big screen: Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart and James Dean, just to name a few.  Despite the vintage feel of the music early in the evening, young and old danced all night! It was a celebration, a fundraiser, an “Evening of Hope,” and it was the result of an incredible symbiotic relationship between Images, Inc. and SOS Children’s Villages Illinois.

Images developed the theme, designed the event brand and materials, created and implemented a strategic direct marketing campaign, planned the event details, program and messaging, produced the video, reached out to the media, and staffed the event.  Evening of Hope 2014 exceeded expectations and brought hundreds of people together to raise a toast, as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of SOS Children’s Villages Illinois.

Does Your Business Align with a Cause?

Most individuals have a cause they are passionate about, whether it’s animals, humans or the environment, there are issues that are near and dear to people’s hearts. Charitable organizations rely on help from people who can get behind their cause and volunteer as well as provide financial support.

Having a corporate partnership with a nonprofit can likewise benefit your company and your employees, through the fostering of goodwill and teamwork – bringing staff members closer together in the name of an important cause or event.

If your company already has a cause you are supporting, that’s great!  Here’s how to expand that partnership so everyone involved benefits:

  • Find out how your talent/services/expertise can help the organization
    • Are you good at sales? Graphic design? Writing or event planning?
  • Understand their overall mission and goals
    • Adhere to the mission
    • Respect their goals
  • Work with them as you would any paying client
    • Develop manageable goals and expectations
    • Consider their schedule and needs
  • Keep connected
    • If a campaign or event you are working is over, keep in touch about future opportunities to offer your services.

If you don’t already have a cause or charity you are affiliated with:

  • Look for a local or national organization that aligns with your interests and beliefs
  • Look for partnership opportunities:
    • Volunteer
    • Board
    • Advisory
    • Events
  • Begin working together and apply your talent and strengths
  • Encourage employees to get involved
  • Have fun and celebrate!

No News or Good News?

It’s hard to ignore the news — almost everywhere you go, it dominates the airwaves. Twenty-four hour cable news channels, the local evening news, online media and blogs and the constant posting of stories on social media — it’s everywhere.  Unfortunately, most of it is negative and pessimistic because that’s what sells.

But did you know that there is a page that’s dedicated to good news?  One of the most popular news blogs — and one of the most revered and viral-generating sites, The Huffington Post, has a page solely dedicated to good news.  It’s called Huffpost Good News and you can take a look for yourself here:

It may just change your outlook for the day.

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Tell Your Story Through Video

One of the most effective ways to promote a brand or raise awareness of an issue is through video. It can catch your attention more quickly than the written word and engage a wider audience through captivating images and music.  A great way to broadcast yourself, your brand or your issue is to create a YouTube Channel. But, before you begin, ask yourself some questions.


1. Why start a YouTube channel?

Start a channel if you have good quality videos and you have a story to tell.  Don’t do it for fame or shock value.

2. What is the subject matter?

Decide the subject matter, style and voice.  It all speaks to your brand and should be consistent with your other promotional materials.

3. Is this for you or for them?

Don’t post videos just because you think others will find them interesting.  Post videos on your channel if you find them interesting and only if it’s consistent with your brand.

4. Who are you targeting?

Understand if the audience you are targeting will actually see your videos.  Consider demographics and how they will react to seeing your story on video.

5. Is there an existing channel that is similar to yours?

If so, learn from them.  If not, strive to be a leader in your subject matter!

10. How will you measure success?

Just like any other media outreach, set goals and understand how you will measure your success. Understand how to drive traffic to your channel and obtain subscribers.

Video is a relatively new frontier in mix of marketing tactics available to individuals and corporations.  It’s an exciting new tool that, when used strategically, can have a significant impact on your success.

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Philanthropic Work and Teambuilding

sos_web_header_073113The staff at Images works hard on all of our projects.  From the several-year, complex projects, to the one-off brochure, video or presentation, our staff treats each one with equal importance.  It’s all relative — what may seem like a small project can be a very important project to members of a community.  Everything gets equal treatment, which is one of Images’ core values.

It’s especially important to work with local nonprofits and charities.  It’s a wonderful way to build relationships with colleagues, showcase  your creativity and expertise in a new way, and a fun way to bring team members together to work on a project for the greater good.

Images, Inc. partners with SOS Children’s Villages Illinois on their annual fundraising event, among other activities throughout the year.  SOS provides a viable alternative to tradition foster care.  Children who come to live at SOS stay with their biological brothers and sisters in a private home.  A full-time, professionally trained foster parent lives with them, and the whole Village gives them support, compassion and strength.

Their annual event is a celebration of the organization’s work, the children that live there and a warm, welcoming thank you to all of the supporters who volunteer their time and give their financial support to SOS.  Images works with SOS on branding the event, developing a promotional campaign as well as event planning and details.  The entire Images team has a hand in the creativity and it all culminates with attending the event together, to celebrate our work and the work of hundreds of volunteers and supporters. We can’t think of a better teambuilding experience!

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