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Everyone is on board with High-Speed Rail.

In October 2012, top officials from Illinois and Washington, DC climbed aboard Amtrak to feel what it’s like to hit a new top speed of 110 miles per hour between Dwight and Pontiac, Illinois. Just four years earlier, federal funding for this project was approved. How did Illinois implement High-Speed Rail so quickly while high speed rail projects in other states and regions have just been crawling along? Teamwork.

Images, Inc. led the High-Speed Rail branding and awareness campaign from the beginning, putting forth a modern image to fit the modern age of rail transport. Through our research, we identified that safety was a key concern for the public. Our campaign successfully raised awareness about the safety and efficiency of High-Speed Rail. Most of our constituents – even those directly along the route — had no idea that most of the upgrades were safety improvements, including enhanced crossings with pedestrian and four-quadrant gates and an improved signal system. Once we developed and implemented a creative and effective awareness campaign, the stakeholders began to have a better understanding of the goals of the program and more realistic expectations of timeframes and end results.  In addition to branding and awareness, we participated in hundreds of community outreach events promoting High-Speed Rail, we implemented social media outreach, we work with agencies to present safety education to school kids, rail-car branding, station upgrades, comment management, extensive community and business outreach.

Images continued to direct the public conversation from simply talking about the speed of trains to talking about the ultimate end-user experience: a reliable, safer and more pleasant commuting experience.

As we upgrade each section of track along the route from St. Louis to Chicago, Images knows that the future of High-Speed Rail in this country is dependent on positive experiences at every stop. We’re proud that Illinois has been a leading example of implementation and look forward to a day when Chicago is the hub for the entire Midwest.

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